New Google Algorithm Update

New Google Algorithm Update – Bad News For Overly Optimized Sites In an effort by Google to enhance the experience of its users and web browsers, the Google spam team had decided to incorporate a new algorithm update which will ‘penalize’ websites which are overly optimized, or in other words, excessively SEO optimized. Users are irritated and annoyed by high-ranked websites buried in blocks of ads. According to the Google research team, this caused users to feel that their browsing experience had been less enjoyable. They click on high ranked websites, in hopes to find what they are looking for, but often find it difficult to find the information that they seek due to the top parts of the page being loaded with plenty of advertisements space. Because of this, Google had decided to implement the new algorithm update to increase the enjoyable experience of users who browse the web with Google. This new algorithm will affect the ranking of websites which are overly optimized, in which the ‘above the fold’ parts of their websites are filled with advertisements or over optimized content. Google had stated that the algorithm change will only affect 1% of websites, which is around 1in every 100 websites. According to Google, this new algorithm change will also be beneficial for website with actual high quality content, but are not optimized. This should also penalize those who simply throw too many keywords on their pages. These changes are made by Google in efforts to help enhance the web browsing experience for those who uses Google as their number one choice of search engine.

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