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Registering perfect domain name

Hello everyone.
Lately, I had a lot of people asking me “What’s better to use when registering exact match domain (EMD)?. Is it Hyphens, Extra Words or Extra Letters In Domains?”
The real answer is – “It’s up to you”.
Lately, Google trying to stay away from EMDs. Why? Because most of the websites that are on exact match domains usually low quality affiliate web sites or adsense sites. Google is catching up to it and doesn’t give a lot of authority to exact match domains anymore, however it is still easier to rank keyword rich domain vs brand name domain. When picking out a domain name I suggest using hyphens instead of adding extra letter.
Let’s say our target keyword is “I Buy Shoes”.
I-Buy-Shoes.com or I-BuyShoes.com is better then IBuyShoesx.com
It doesn’t look spammy and easier to read for people and search engines.
Adding an extra word, for example IBuyCheapShoes.com, also works great. However, not as great as I-Buy-Shoes.com
At the end, having a keyword rich domain name will give you slight advantage when you are trying to rank in search engines, however with proper SEO work you can rank any domain for your targeted keywords.

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