Myths about buying backlinks

Lately we’ve been hearing people say: “If you buy backlinks you will get penalized, it’s against the rules etc.” This is not true. BUYING BACKLINKS = HIRING A PERSON TO CREATE BACKLINKS FOR YOU!!!!! Most of us are busy with projects or simply just want to outsource tedious work. Do you outsource your web design if you don’t know how to do it? Do you outsource your writing if you are not good at it? BACKLINKS ARE NO DIFFERENT. Now, you might say, well I heard of people getting “sand box” or “slapped” by google after buying backlinks. YES, that’s correct. You CAN get penalized for buying LOW, SPAMMY, WORTHLESS backlinks. For example, if you create 1000’s of backlinks using some kind of AUTO-BACKLINKBUILDER program. Of course it looks suspicious to google and they penalize you. Those practices are black hat. Just look at it that way. Let’s say you have an adsense web site that earns you $1 / day. Then you purchase adsense clicks and all of the sudden you start making $1000 / day out of nowhere. Most likely your account will be disabled or under review. SAME THING GOES FOR BACKLINKS. Link building effects 80% of your rankings. Here is some myths that people tend to believe: You should aim for high PageRank Links: Myth. Of course you want links from high PR pages, but low PR pages also count. In fact, it will look more natural for Google if you have backlinks from a range of PR pages. Links that aren’t relevant don’t count – Your backlinks have to be “relevant” or theme-related to your website: Myth. Links from pages with content related to yours are better, sure, but that doesn’t mean links from non-related won’t count. You can not control who shares your link, and google understands that. Links that aren’t indexed don’t count: Myth. Google crawls a new page, decides the page isn’t worth indexing but still follows the links on it and credits anchor text accordingly. Link Buyers Get Punished: Myth. Every time you get a new backlink you spend money: either you spend your own time writing an article, submitting to directories, posting on Forums, or if you pay someone else to write your content. You have to vary your anchor text: Myth. Google will never punish you if your anchor text is always the same. Again, unless you spam your links with one of those BacklinkBuilder programs. If your link is not on a PAGE with PR, it won’t count: Myth. Even if the page itself is PR: n/a google will still count your link. Domain PR is also taken into consideration. If you don’t see your links in a “Backlink Checker” tool, Google hasn’t seen them either: Myth. Google “see” your links and credits them much sooner than you can see them in backlink checker toos. What you will probably see is your keywords getting higher in the SERPs. Google “knows” about and has devalued links from Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0 properties: Myth. Google credits the links for their value, either they are from “normal” websites, social networks, blogs, directories or forums.