Why Article Marketing Important?

Article Marketing can be great in a fundamental SEO campaign or even just simply get your business recognized without the use of any company website. Essentially what happens is someone from your business or an outsourced worker writes short articles on something well-known or unknown in the industry. Each article has a resource section which will hold the contact details of your business, or more importantly in SEO a quality backlink to your website. What about the articles? The articles must be very informative and relevant to your website or the service you are trying to promote. The key behind article marketing success is letting a potential client see that you know what you are talking about, and that you are the person who can help them. Writing an article about the particular service or procedure could help significantly to get your company recognized. Where do the articles go? There are literally thousands of online article directories that are perfect for article marketing and SEO. Some are better than others as certain article directories are accepted to be the more established directories and are more often than not the first place someone will go when looking for reading material. The article directories have a range of different page ranks and if you get your article published on one of the high PR sites you can get a quality backlink as well as the change to earn from some pay per view schemes. So just why is it important to include article marketing in your SEO blueprint? It can make your business stand out from its knowledge Whether you outsource your article writing or have it done in house, either way it all points back to you and your corporate identity. A potential client will like reading quality material that has been provided by you, and if it is concerning something they are really looking for its quite likely you are going to get a conversion just from a single article. Clients like to know your expertise and just how much you know and can offer before any sort of contract is drawn up. Article Marketing is a great way to express your knowledge in a very simple and easy way. Quality Backlinks Any article with a link to your website will provide a backlink. Backlinks are particularly important in the Google algorithm and will help increase your rankings in the SERPS. Quality backlinks however, are more important than low quality spam links. Tens of quality backlinks to your site from article marketing is sure to have a great positive effect on your search rankings and help you beat the competition. Create a link pyramid One thing that you can do once your article marketing campaign has been completed is form a link pyramid. A link pyramid is where you have your website at the top, the high quality article backlinks in the middle and then thousands of links pointing to the articles. This creates a pyramid like structure to your website adding even more link juice than you could ever expect.