How to improve site ranking in Google search

Companies are facing an alarming rise in battles against their competitors. In the world of competition, the importance of internet marketing is increasing day by day. Due to the increased use of web or internet, people are looking at innovative ways to boost their market value and their business. But the Internet Marketing is not at all concerned with high investment and marketing cost. This may not be fruitful every time.

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New Google Algorithm Update

New Google Algorithm Update – Bad News For Overly Optimized Sites In an effort by Google to enhance the experience of its users and web browsers, the Google spam team had decided to incorporate a new algorithm update which will ‘penalize’ websites which are overly optimized, or in other words, excessively SEO optimized. Users are irritated and annoyed by high-ranked websites buried in blocks of ads. Continue Reading

Why Article Marketing Important?

Article Marketing can be great in a fundamental SEO campaign or even just simply get your business recognized without the use of any company website. Essentially what happens is someone from your business or an outsourced worker writes short articles on something well-known or unknown in the industry. Each article has a resource section which will hold the contact details of your business, or more importantly in SEO a quality backlink to your website. Continue Reading

Registering perfect domain name

Hello everyone. Lately, I had a lot of people asking me “What’s better to use when registering exact match domain (EMD)?. Is it Hyphens, Extra Words or Extra Letters In Domains?” The real answer is – “It’s up to you”. Lately, Google trying to stay away from EMDs. Why? Because most of the websites that are on exact match domains usually low quality affiliate web sites or adsense sites. Google is catching up to it and doesn’t give a lot of authority to exact match domains anymore, however it is still easier to rank keyword rich domain vs brand name domain. When picking out a domain name I suggest using hyphens instead of adding extra letter. Let’s say our target keyword is “I Buy Shoes”. or is better then It doesn’t look spammy and easier to read for people and search engines. Adding an extra word, for example, also works great. However, not as great as At the end, having a keyword rich domain name will give you slight advantage when you are trying to rank in search engines, however with proper SEO work you can rank any domain for your targeted keywords. Continue Reading

Myths about buying backlinks

Lately we’ve been hearing people say: “If you buy backlinks you will get penalized, it’s against the rules etc.” This is not true. BUYING BACKLINKS = HIRING A PERSON TO CREATE BACKLINKS FOR YOU!!!!! Most of us are busy with projects or simply just want to outsource tedious work. Do you outsource your web design if you don’t know how to do it? Do you outsource your writing if you are not good at it? BACKLINKS ARE NO DIFFERENT. Continue Reading

Benefits Of Buying Backlinks

Benefits Of Buying Backlinks With the immense competition on the internet, many internet marketers are doing all they can in order to get high rankings on search engines. One of the strategies used are building backlinks. Backlinks are quite effective to help boost the rankings of your site, however it could be pretty time consuming and requires plenty of efforts. Buying backlinks will help you drive more traffic to your website through high placement in search engines. It could be pretty difficult to build plenty of backlinks on your own when you have to focus on other important things as well, such as product development and marketing strategies. While most people choose to outsource backlinking services, other smarter marketers are taking the route of buying backlinks from reputable companies and backlinks suppliers. Continue Reading

Buy Backlinks

Backlinks play a huge part in the success of any website or blog you own or article you’ve written and should be at the forefront of your SEO campaign. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have algorithms and specific robots in place which look at the amount of inbound links pointing back to any website with greater emphasis put on authoritative websites which have links back to your own website and are quite powerful, as they usually have better relevance and quite a high page ranking. Continue Reading